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Question: What’s inside the 'A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions' quiz book?Answer: 1,000 interesting and unique quiz questions. 1,000 good quiz questions set by the question setters of the quiz website Free Pub Quiz.All quizzes are grouped into rounds of 10 questions with the answers at the bottom of each set for ease of use.The answers are easy to view but at the same time are easy to keep from view when reading the questions.A Thousand Pub Quiz Questions is for playing with family and friends. Also great for that impromptu quiz.We have a mixture of questions from general knowledge to history. There's questions to test the better pub quizzers and other questions to test and tease those with a casual interest in good trivia..Question: Who is it for?Answer: Anyone with an interest in pub quizzes. Your family, friends and the eggheads that attend your weekly pub quiz. It's also of interest to anyone that wants to increase their general knowledge to impress their pub quiz mates. Our quizzes come in 100 sets of 10 questions with the answers directly below each quiz. Good for setting your own quiz. Good for using directly off your kindle for that school or pub quiz. Handy for quizmasters that need a quick and challenging set of questions set at pub quiz level.