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Did you know that you can become a millionaire just by investing the money you make from delivering pizzas one night per week? In fact, any amount of money you invest in the stock market today will grow to a much larger sum later—the key is starting now! The average American waits until age thirty-one to begin saving and investing for retirement, and they end up 2.5 million dollars poorer because of it.In A Teenager’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Market, early-investor Luke Villermin breaks down the Wall Street lingo, levels the playing field, and serves up seven chapters to help young investors obtain:Inspiration to start saving and investing for retirement todayConfidence in how the stock market operates and how to choose investmentsA step-by-step road map to opening an online account, purchasing stock, and putting money to workIf you start investing early enough, you only need to save and invest $125 per month to become a millionaire. Buckle up for the most “adult” thing you have accomplished since you passed your driver’s ed test. There is so much to lose by not starting ASAP.If you invest hard now, you will truly be able to play hard later.