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In the realm of

A Fated Beginning,

myths transcend mere stories, shaping the very fabric of reality. Here, Soul Assailants harness the power of souls to safeguard humanity, their duty sacrosanct above all else. Yet, within this society lies a shadowy truth—deviance is met with the harshest of consequences.

Follow Elias and Leena,

childhood friends bound by fate, as they navigate the treacherous landscape of their world. Together, they confront the pervasive corruption that lurks beneath the surface, challenging the very foundation of their beliefs. Armed with their manifested souls, they stand against both their own kind and mystical entities, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and sacrifice.In

A Fated Beginning,

prepare to immerse yourself in a world of enchantment, where every myth holds a kernel of truth and every action carries profound consequences. Join Elias and Leena as they navigate the complexities of duty, love, and destiny in a gripping tale filled with magical adventure, heart-pounding romance, and epic battles that will leave you breathless.Embark on an epic journey with Elias and Leena in

"A Fated Beginning"

- a gripping tale of duty, destiny, and sacrifice. Dive into a world where myths shape reality and every action carries profound consequences.

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