Author: Janna Ruth

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Magic, Demons & High School Drama

All Lucille ever wanted was a perfectly normal high school experience, but her town doesn’t do normal. Not when a few Latin words set her hand on fire, the entire town gets possessed by evil spirits, and the cute guy she’s got her eyes on brings a freaking sword to the battle.Now Lucille has to make a decision: return to her cushy, and safe, life-style at the boarding school, or join her friends and face the monsters that hunt her and the magic that resides inside of her.

A Drop of Magic

is the first book of this action-packed, ensemble-led YA fantasy series with the wit of


, the magic of


, and all the drama of the

Vampire Diaries

. Join Lucille and her friends on their monster hunt!***"This was such a fun read! Think Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Buffy the Vampire slayer." - Lauren Loubert, Goodreads"Hard to put the reader aside." - Bücherrabe, Amazon reviewer"Well written, fast paced and fun read, filled with magic, demons and high school drama to boot" - Debbie Eyre, Goodreads