853 Hard to Believe Facts by Nayden Kostov

Author: Nayden Kostov

Category: General Nonfiction

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Award-winning author: 2020 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal
‘A fun mix of facts that will surprise and amuse you.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
This book is full of fun and verified facts, presented in an accessible manner that I hope will provide you with hours of entertainment. My objective has been to provide you with a lifetime supply of icebreakers and points of discussion. Amaze your friends and family by telling them that pistachios can combust spontaneously or that the holes in pen caps are there to save people from choking to death!
Following the success of my site RaiseYourBrain, I decided to collect the best trivia gems and present you with a fact compendium suitable for a wide audience. This is the product of years of sifting through history and references books on a myriad of subjects as well as searching the Internet and paying attention to the news. In 2016, I published “1123 Hard to Believe Facts”, which was read by tens of thousands and accumulated hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. As it has remained in the Top 10 of its category for almost two years now, I decided that another instalment was merited, this time with more illustrations and detailed explanations.
This book is suitable for most audiences across the age spectrum. The “spiciest” entries are neatly separated in the chapter “Facts about human and animal sexuality”. They remain factual and abstain from profanity. To my greatest delight, an avid reader of my website explained that he was preparing daily fact sheets for his son’s lunch box. He prints out three facts every day to create some lunchtime fun for his child in the hope of sparking intellectual curiosity. I honestly wish my parents had done the same for me when I was a lad!