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Living off the land isn’t an impossible dream – gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to distinguish the dangerous plants from the edible ones.

Are you tired of buying produce at the store, skeptical about how it is grown and what it contains?

Have you wondered what steps are necessary to equip yourself to start foraging so you can be self-sufficient?

Would you like to round out your foraging education by learning about North America’s most common edible wild plants?

Foraging has been an essential part of human survival for thousands of years, and some cultures still rely on it.

It is only considered strange nowadays in most parts of the world because of modern development, which has influenced us to forget the benefits of spending time outdoors and living off the land.

Foraging provides the perfect excuse to slow down from the hectic pace of modern life. Enjoying the beauty of nature while spending time with friends and family is a winning combination that contributes to healthy relationships, souls, minds and bodies. And on top of that is the satisfaction and joy found in sharing a foraged meal or snack together.

Many wild plants are so rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, they can be considered superfoods. Adding them to your diet will be a powerful game-changer that improves your health in ways you might never have imagined.

When it comes to foraging, though, many beginners are held back by the belief that correctly identifying edible plants is extremely confusing or challenging.

But the truth is that you just need to have the right information and guidance. This beginner-friendly foraging guide will equip you to overcome any insecurity with a knowledge-based sense of safety.

In this book, you will discover:

? Useful foraging tips and why it is a great skill to learn.

? Essential foraging and botanical terms.

? How to find and identify 31 of North America’s most common edible wild plants.

? Detailed illustrations of each plant.

? Steps for harvesting these plants and bringing them to your table.

? Info on the nutrients these plants contain and how they can improve health.

? Plant history and trivia to round out your knowledge.

? Inspiration and motivation to pursue a more sustainable life.

And much more.

Choosing to take the first step towards a sustainable life might be difficult, but this decision can mean the difference between self-reliance and overdependence.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become happier and healthier as you learn from nature, connect with other people, get back to your roots, become more self-sufficient, and stop worrying about running out of food. Once you set out on this path, you will never look back.

By the time you finish this book, you will be excited to postpone your trip to the grocery store and head to the nearest meadow, woods, or marsh for a foraging adventure instead!

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