Author: Tamsin Ley

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Officer Lora Griffin only volunteered for the alien dating auction to help raise money for the animal shelter—she has no interest in kissing little green men. But when her date dissolves into a puddle of goo, she’s thrown into an investigation with a new partner who isn’t slimy or tentacled—he’s seven feet of solid blue muscle, and it's hard to remain focused under his panty-melting stare…Zhiruto is hot on the trail of an interstellar assassin, and the last thing his people need now are diplomatic blunders. To help avoid cultural misunderstandings, he enlists the assistance of a sharp-tongued, captivating human female who appears to have the ear of the local authorities. But as he and Lora work together on the case, he finds himself drawn towards the fiery female for more than just help. He wants her.The problem is, she wants nothing to do with him. Can he break down her walls and ignite the sparks between them before duty calls him back to his home planet?Filled with humor, heart, and plenty of heat, this story will tickle the funny bone of readers who enjoy their science fiction with a generous side of laughter and love.