Author: NJ Layouni

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Losing the twenty-first century was bad enough, but Martha's situation is about to get a whole lot worse. 

Only days after her marriage to Vadim, Martha falls into the clutches of her husband's arch-nemesis - the Evil Earl of Edgeway. Snatching her away from all that she loves, the earl takes Martha back to Edgeway and locks her up within the grim dungeon beneath his castle.

With little hope of escape, Martha can only sit and wait - and hope! - to be rescued. However, when it becomes clear that Vadim isn't going to swoop in and save the day any time in the near future, she is forced to seek another way out of her cell.

Her chance arrives unexpectedly in the form of Anselm - Vadim's twisted foster brother - bearing an offer Martha just can't refuse; a welcome alternative to imprisonment, torture, and death. As Vadim still hasn't put in an appearance, Martha has no option but to take Anselm up on his offer.

Within the thick walls of the enemy's mighty stronghold, Martha now walks a dangerous path.

A prisoner within a gilded cage, she constantly lives the lie, doing whatever she must in order to survive. But amid all the intrigue and deceit there is friendship to be found, growing in the places where she least expects to find it.

As the clouds of war descend upon Edgeway and the castle braces itself for a long and bloody siege, Martha is suddenly conflicted. The boundary between black and white - friend and foe - is much less distinct than it was before.

When the battle for Edgeway finally begins, Martha's loyalty is divided, her love for Vadim tested to its very limit.

When the smoke finally clears, will love prove to be yet another casualty of war?