Wild Card by Tara Wyatt

Author: Tara Wyatt

Category: Romance Books

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Hunter Blake is baseball’s bad boy. He’s wild, with a reputation a mile long. He’s fodder for both the sports and gossip pages, but Hunter has a secret even the tabloids don’t know: he’s madly in love with country singer Marlowe Story and has been for months. He’ll do anything for her, including staying married after they drunkenly say “I do” at a Vegas wedding chapel during a weekend hookup. Under the guise of helping both of their careers, he’s happy to stay in the fake marriage, especially because his feelings for her are anything but fake. And now is his chance to show Marlowe what they could have.

Marlowe might sing about love and fairy tales, but she doesn’t believe in happily ever after, especially when it comes to bad boy Hunter. Even if he is the sexiest man she’s ever met, and even if their chemistry is off the charts. When she can’t seem to stay out of his bed, she convinces herself that she can give him her body without giving him her heart. But their fake marriage starts to feel awfully real as she glimpses a sensitive, artistic, vulnerable side of Hunter he keeps hidden from everyone but her. Because deep down, this bad boy is broken, and only Marlowe’s love can heal him.