Author: Gregory Randall

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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Venice during Carnevale seems like a dream vacation to American police detective Alex Polonia. There, she hopes to lose herself in the maze of romantic canals and forget her scumbag ex-husband, convicted of running a meth lab and selling drugs to kids on Cleveland's south side. The legacy of the Bosnian War and its brutal ethnic cleansing has brought journalist Marika Juric to Venice with one driving goal: Gather enough evidence to stop one of the war’s most vile men from becoming Croatia’s next president. And she knows there are those who will do anything to stop her.However, these two strangers share more than their arrival at the same time in the City of Masks. They're mirror images of each other—down to their blonde hair, nervous smiles, and blue eyes filled with desperation. This resemblance isn't just uncanny; it's dangerous and a death sentence.When the secrets of Alex's vacation rush headlong into Marika's obsession, the fates of both women become entwined in the confusion of canals and alleys, working together is their only way to survive.The new Windsor Hill Publishing edition of Venice Black brings back Alex Polonia to the world stage.