Under the Wicked Moon by Abe Moss

Author: Abe Moss

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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An ancient ritual. An unsuspecting family. Darkness in the desert hills. The witches are coming...
????? "To anyone reading this review, I dare you to go on this journey. Just be prepared for a few sleepless nights..." - Amazon Reviewer
When Maria Jenkins awakens late one night in her family’s motel room and witnesses her younger brother, Michael, sleepwalking out into the desert moonlight, her family trip is plunged into a gruesome nightmare…
…because the sprawling wasteland outside their door isn’t nearly as lifeless as it seems…
Deep in the desert hills of Nevada, a forgotten evil emerges with a lust for sacrifice. Beneath their black-hooded robes, cackling under the veil of night, they're on the hunt for new blood—for old rituals. Until the perfect, most unsuspecting morsel catches their eye.
What readers have to say about Abe Moss and his horror fiction:
"The story is skillfully told and I was caught up in the story from the very beginning. Keep on writing, Abe Moss. I will keep reading. Thank you for your work." ?????
"I would recommend this book to all fans of horror novels . A very fast paced entertaining story! I plan on reading more by this author." ?????
"Great story with unique thoughtful characters. So Disturbing. Great imagery. It doesn't lead anywhere you would expect but so worth it. Loved it." ?????
"Do yourself a favor & read every book by Abe Moss that you can get your hands on. You won't be sorry." ?????
"Old school horror at its best, and I mean that as a compliment. Great book!!!" ?????
"If you're on the hunt for a solid horror novel with realistic, drawing characters...look no further!!!" ?????
"This book grabbed me from the beginning, and never let go! I read it with only one break, and that was to sleep for six hours. This is horror at it's finest, and I can't recommend it enough. I intend to read more from Abe Moss!" ?????
"I could not put this down! The more I read, the more intense it became. This should be a movie! The stuff beyond nightmares!" ?????
"This was one of the best books I've read in a long time! Every time I put it down I couldn't wait to get back to it." ?????
"Abe Moss is such an awesome writer of horror. His books scare the you-know-what out of me but I love this type of scare. This book definitely did not disappoint!" ?????