Author: M.K. Jade

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Is the present doomed to repeat the past?

Haruki Sat? is an 18-year-old father of two. Despite hastily marrying Osamu Chisaki two years earlier, all Haruki wants is to rebuild the fractured connection he once shared with his childhood best friend, Kaoru.But when Osamu gets arrested for his involvement in the yakuza and Kaoru coincidentally chooses then to re-enter Haruki's life, nothing is how it should be.Veiled in silence and secrecy, this Kaoru is different than the gentle, caring one Haruki remembers. Reluctant to reveal his innermost self to Haruki, the gap between them widens as Haruki is reminded once again of Osamu's yakuza-laden past. Desperate the protect the children now under his care, Haruki hides his own feelings and holds Kaoru at arm's length.

Can Haruki shatter Kaoru's defenses and rekindle their love or will the shadows of their past consume them all?

Twisted Devotion is a suspenseful slow-burn mm romance filled with yakuza action, hurt/comfort, and the morally gray twists of an all-enduring love.