Author: Samantha Cole

Category: Romantic Suspense

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**A Special Collection of books in the Trident Security series and its multiple spinoff series - Volume IVMountain of Evil: TS Omega Team PrequelDropped into the Rocky Mountains, the Omega team has minimal supplies and only two days to make it back to civilization…Trident Security has grown by leaps and bounds, and to accommodate the increased caseload, they’ve compiled a team of seven—the best of the best from military and law enforcement backgrounds. But before they’re turned out to handle their own assignments, the six men and one woman must first prove they’re a cohesive and capable unit.When the wilderness training mission turns into a real-life rescue op, will they all survive?*This novella is a bridge between the original Trident Security (TS) series and the spinoff series, Trident Security Omega Team. While it is not necessary to read the original TS series or this prequel before the Omega Team series, it will give the reader more insight and background into the members of Trident Security.A Dead Man's Pulse: TS Omega Team Book 1PTSD threatens to destroy a Marine’s promising future at Trident Security…POW First Sergeant Logan Reese is rescued in Afghanistan just hours before he meets the same fate as his murdered teammates. The aftermath of the mission gone wrong forces his retirement from the military much sooner than planned. He didn’t expect a civilian job offer that could give him a new purpose in life or to meet someone who could make him feel like a virile man again.Officer Dakota Swift has worked hard to prove she belongs with the big boys on Tampa PD, but it hasn’t been easy. A local serial killer gives her the opportunity to get her feet wet in undercover work—as bait. But when she’s assigned to the joint task force between TPD, the FBI, and Trident Security, she doesn’t expect to be attracted to her handsome new partner, Logan.Until the identity of the “Kink Killer” is discovered, no woman in the alternative-lifestyle community is safe. With the body count rising, will he be caught before he claims his next victim?Salvaging His Soul: Trident Security Book 11Think you know everything about the Sexy Six-Pack? Think again. This is the story fans will never see coming. Jaws will drop and hearts will pound because nothing is as it seems.Jase is a man with a forgotten past and an unsure future. Unable to return to the United States, he lives on the island of Caicos, spending his time sitting in a bar drinking, scuba diving for sunken treasure, and working as a mercenary of sorts.Brie has lived on Caicos since she was ten. After her father’s death, she took over his popular seaside bar, leaving no time for a love life. Her occasional hookups with Jase have been with no strings attached, getting involved in each other’s lives, nor letting their emotions rise to the surface.However, when Brie’s sister mysteriously disappears, Jase steps in to help find the missing woman…But his past and present are about to collide. Will it destroy their future, or will it save more than just her sister’s life?Entertaining DistractionThe last woman he ever expects to be attracted to is the one who wants to top him…While his brother is in the lifestyle, Mike Donovan never understood it. But when Charlotte Roth, aka Mistress China, sets her sights on him, he finds himself wanting to obey her every command.Having her childhood ripped away in the blink of an eye, Charlotte has kept the different facets of her adult life separate from the others. A parole officer, a homebody, and a Domme are the three personae the rest of the world might see, but rarely at the same time. However, her attraction to Mike merges them in a way she never thought possible.Can each learn to compromise in order to make a relationship between them work?