Timeswept Bride by Eugenia Riley

Author: Eugenia Riley

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In 1880’s Galveston, dairy farmer Jake Blarney is left devastated when his wife betrays and leaves him, drowning in the seas, leaving Jake with twin baby daughters to raise. Angry and forlorn, Jake pens a message in a bottle beseeching the Fates to bring him a new bride, and hurls the bottle into the sea. But never does he dream that Destiny will summon him a new bride from across the vast gulf of time!


In modern-day Galveston, college professor Priscilla Pemberton is a forsaken bride, hurt and furious after her prominent fiancé betrayed then dumped her. She is wandering the beach aimlessly, thinking of hurling herself into the tide, when an ancient-looking bottle washes up at her feet. No sooner does Priscilla retrieve the bottle and read the strange message it contains, then a huge wave crashes over her, sweeping her back in time to meet the groom who has summoned her! As soon as Jake Blarney lays eyes upon the miracle the seas have swept to his doorstep, he is ready to hitch up the buggy and fetch his new bride to the priest! Priscilla is left reeling and disoriented. Where is she? And who is this strange though sexy Irishman who keeps insisting that she is his bride from the seas? Even as Priscilla struggles to become acclimated to her fantastical voyage through time, Jake and his adorable baby daughters go to work stealing her heart, and she is left feeling terribly torn. Beaten down by a horrible childhood, Priscilla has struggled all her life to regain her self-esteem and prestige. Is she really meant to become the bride of a brash Irish dairy farmer in 1880’s Galveston, even if her sexier than sin host fires her blood in more ways than one? Or are the Fates having a really good laugh at her expense?

Timeswept Bride is another all-time winner from Eugenia Riley, a full-length, fun, sexy and touching romance of two unforgettable lovers bridging the vast chasm of time. Author Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time-travel romances, including the classics A Tryst in Time and Bushwhacked Bride. She has numerous romances available in Kindle.


Five gold stars!! "A beautifully drawn romance . . . Ms. Riley at her finest!" --Heartland Critiques
"Delightful, witty, enchanting and fun . . . a wonderful tale." --Romantic Times Magazine
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“Passionate, funny, charming! Once again, Eugenia Riley proves how remarkably talented she is! Timeless romance and endearing characters are what you will find in Timeswept Bride!” --The Literary Times