Author: J.A. Baker

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Prepare to be hooked by the gripping new psychological thriller by bestselling author J.A.Baker!I am safe here, in my cottage in the woods where no one knows me or my real name. All is peaceful and calm and the real world can’t hurt me – because I know how cruel it can be.But then I see her again. I see her pale, white face. Watching me. Taunting me. And then the notes begin to appear.I know who you really are… I know what you did…All of a sudden, the walls of my cottage feel like a prison, the peaceful woods around me a maze that will trap me forever.Who is this woman? What does she want?Does she know what happened during that boiling hot summer of 1976 when I made my terrible mistake. And if so, how?So many questions paralysing me with fear. One thing I do know.She must be stopped.Don't miss the brand-new thriller by J.A. Baker! Perfect for fans of Sue Watson, Valerie Keogh and K.L. Slater.What people are saying about J.A. Baker...'Superbly written with a cast of crazy characters who will make you look differently at your co-workers from now on.’ Bestselling author Valerie Keogh'Fast-paced, riveting thriller. Gripped until the last page!' Bestselling author Diana Wilkinson'A twisty, creepy story expertly told. Perfect for reading on dark winter evenings…with the doors double-locked and bolted. Highly recommended!' Bestselling author Amanda James