The Spanish Rose by Shirlee Busbee

Author: Shirlee Busbee

Category: Romance Books

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From the High Seas to the English and Spanish courts, two enemies test the bounds of passion, love, and truth in Shirlee Busbee’s The Spanish Rose.

—Caribbean High Seas, 1664—

Gabriel Lancaster is her family's bitterest enemy…and now he stands before her, his magnificent body in chains, captured by her brother. But the moment Maria Delgato’s triumphant gaze reaches Gabriel’s burning emerald eyes, a new war ignites.

From lush Caribbean estates to desperate sea battles, all the way to the glittering English and Spanish courts, Maria and Gabriel rage against each other and the one truth their hearts cannot deny...a truth which only passion can set free.

Publisher Note: Shirlee Busbee's page-turning historical romance transports readers to a world of strong men, vibrant women, heart-stopping plot twists, and breathless passion that is not for the faint of heart.

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