Author: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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Sherlock and Lucy must protect a high-society murder witness. Will they outwit a killer in time?Newlywed Lady Constance is newly in peril, thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse within the gilded cages of the aristocracy. Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James, champions of the downtrodden and defenders of justice, are her only hope. But safeguarding the solitary witness to a heinous crime proves more treacherous than navigating the most elaborate of high society balls.As the Baker Street team dances a dangerous waltz across posh estates and opulent hotels, every shadow could conceal a dagger, every polite smile a hidden agenda. With the stakes higher than ever, can they shield Lady Constance from a fate most foul and bring a cold-blooded murderer to book?For those who delight in the intrigue of Conan Doyle, the cunning of Agatha Christie, and the heart-stopping pace of Lee Child, "The Solitary Witness" is your invitation to a mystery where the past and present collide with explosive results.Step into the glittering yet perilous world of "The Solitary Witness." Join Sherlock, Lucy, and their indomitable team on a mission that could be their most dangerous game of all. Scroll up and One-click now!