Author: Kay Dew Shostak

Category: Cozy Fiction

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Once again the Sophia Island Shrimp Festival is over. Thousands attended to eat shrimp, shop, and watch the pirates come ashore as usual, but this year’s temperatures were warmer than ever. Everyone is happy that the busy hot weekend is over and everyone came through unscathed. Or so it seems.Jewel and Craig Mantelle also made it through their kids and families’ first visit to their new island home. But it didn’t go nearly as smooth as the Shrimp Festival. Craig is now back in South Florida on his job and Jewel is sweating it out in the old house without air conditioning. One bright spot is her weekly lunch with her new friends. When they aren’t searching out details of her families’ visit and her disintegrating marriage, they are discussing the death of one of the Shrimp Festival board members. A natural death everyone believes until her novelist son comes to town and starts talking as if one of his thrillers has come to life. He says his mother embezzled money from the festival and a man is involved. But that’s not the craziest thing he’s got on his mind. He’s chosen the setting for his next book and its Jewel’s house! So of course—he’s moving in.