The Scrying Game by Christine Zane Thomas

Author: Christine Zane Thomas

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Plagued with visions…When Willow Brown was seven, she had her first vision. Her death played out like a movie. Her second vision came along shortly after that when she predicted her father’s cancer diagnosis.Her mother always wanted her to hide her gift away. That’s what she called it, a gift. To Willow, it was never a gift.When her great aunt leaves Willow a house and a cat, she's forced back to her hometown to sort out the affairs. But it turns out Aunt Cora is a little less dead than anyone thought. The old psychic inhabits the body and mind of the cat—and she’s hellbent on teaching Willow how to properly use her psychic abilities.But that's not the only trouble she encounters in Mossy Pointe, Florida. Willow isn't in town ten minutes before she's thrust in the middle of a murder investigation—an investigation that puts her on a collision course with the vision she’s been running away from all her life.The Scrying Game is the first in an all-new paranormal mystery series, Witching Hour: Psychics. Great for fans of cozy mystery and Paranormal Women's Fiction.

For more about the wider supernatural world, and to learn some of Willow’s backstory, read Midlife Curses: Witching Hour Book One.