Author: Juliette N. Banks

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Connor Barrett, leader of the black ops organization I work for, is marrying the daughter of the Italian mafia boss. The same mafia I’m deep undercover in.For five days, I have to pretend I didn’t serve with the guy in the marines. I’ve got this. What I don’t have is the control to keep away from bridesmaid, Sienna. She fell into my arms—literally—upon arrival at the Mancini mansion, and those sensual green eyes sent an invitation my body said hell yes to.I know I should stay away, but I have two choices; corrupt her or protect her. Both come with deadly consequences.First, I learn my best friend’s father is a gangster, next minute I’m flying to their mansion in the Hamptons IN. A. HELICOPTER.I’m out of my depth but it’s both thrilling and terrifying. Then Nathan scooped me up and took my breath away. Behind dark sunglasses he watches me, making me crave his touch and the white-hot lust between us. Despite the danger he poses.When I find myself thrust into a web of lies and vengeance, I’m not sure if I will get out alive. Or with my heart intact.The Ruthless King is the second book in The Dark Kings of NYC, a dark billionaire mafia romance, by bestselling author Juliette N. Banks. If you enjoy dark spicy romances with twists, revenge, and dominant, protective heroes, then you’ll love this book. Expect a happy ever after.