Author: David Kingdom

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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We can get you off the murder charge, they said. All you have to do is volunteer for this top secret gene therapy experiment. And sign this waiver.

Flynt Redcraft knows the Foundation aren’t the good guys. But after years of being homeless, addicted, and plagued by PTSD from his days in special forces, he knows a lifeline when he sees it.It’s that or prison.They edit out his nightmares and addictions. Then he starts to lose entire days. People are turning up dead. And Flynt’s waking up with blood on his hands and a clean conscience.Flynt realizes once you allow a shadowy organization inside your brain, who knows what they might change?How many drug trials do they have him on? And why won’t his bones break?Who is Elise, the strange woman he keeps hallucinating, whose voice he hears inside his head? Because Flynt doesn’t believe in psychics. He soon learns there are stranger things than him in the facility.The Foundation are preparing them for something. And when you can think faster, run faster, and kill faster than anyone else, Flynt knows it’s nothing nice.Working together to hunt the people who think they can’t be found, Flynt and Elise are experiments, and deadly assets. A living weapon, and a living surveillance system. But are they still fully human?When the Foundation cross a line and force Flynt and Elise to fight back, they realize the organization have a policy of terminating errant experiments. And when you play the Red Game, it’s blood in, blood out.But the Foundation are about to learn.Don’t create a pair of genetically engineered assassins, bond them forever, and then wonder why they’re hard to kill.A mind bending thriller of international assassination, cutting edge genetic editing, redemption, and two people finding each other in the midst of the Red Game.

Part espionage thriller, part psychic spies thriller, part medical thriller.

Think Bourne Identity meets Stranger Things.

Care to Play the Red Game?