Author: Sandra Julian Barker

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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What will it look like on the day Jesus comes in the clouds and catches up His children to Himself?With the ten short stories in this book, I've imagined various before and after scenarios in the lives of everyday people to help us visualize some of the truths and concepts we see described in Scripture when the Rapture occurs.According to Scripture, it will begin as a day or evening like any other. Then, God the Father will tell His Son, "It's time. Gather our children and bring them home."I imagine Jesus will have a big smile on His face as He gathers a group of angels and heads for the clouds. He's been waiting for this moment for a very long time.While the short stories in this book are fiction with elements of fact woven through them, the other chapters in this book are fact with an occasional bit of personal conjecture which often begins with, "I wonder..." or "I think..."I write this book, not only to help excite us about the end times in which we live and the promise of His coming, but also to remind each of us that the time for serving the Lord in this world, and winning our family, friends and neighbors to Christ could end at any moment.