Author: Julia Keanini

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He was the one. I was sure of it . . . until he left me for the girl who hated me most. My cruel, conniving stepsister. She’d always wanted Drake and I didn’t know how she’d turned him against me, so I tried to move on with my life. I married the wrong guy, a jerk who only showed his true colors after the vows had been said, but he gave me the best kid in the world before walking out on us. Even though I was now a single mom with barely a penny to my name, being left for a second time didn’t hurt as badly as losing Drake.

She made her choice. It wasn’t me. So I poured my heart and soul into the one thing that has always been there for me: football. Pushing myself to my physical maximum, only stopping when I become the best. And my latest win confirms that I’m the best, everyone says. So I know what I have to do—propose to the girl who’s stayed by my side for the past decade. I’m not even sure I love her, but she’s earned her ring.

With him I was the belle of the ball. I was always the princess, not the girl who fades into the background. Now I have an incredible group of friends and family who support me, and of course my beautiful Lexie, but something is still missing. Someone. And I know who it is.

Ella was the one who made me feel alive. Her belief in me persuaded me that I could take on the world. But that was fifteen years ago. Things change, and I’ve convinced myself that we’ve closed the door on that chapter of life. Until I see her again.

Now the deliciously gorgeous football star, who’d moved away to win fame and fortune while I found only poverty and disgrace, is back home. Back in the small town where our story both began and ended. And when we see each other for the first time in fifteen years, he doesn’t even have the decency to have a danged shirt on. I didn’t know eight packs were possible.

The moment her big brown eyes meet mine, I realize that nothing has changed. My heart still beats faster. I still have an incredible urge to pull her into my arms.

But he’s home to marry my stepsister. Karla is completely wrong for him, and we both know it. But what can we do about it?

A Modern-Day Cinderella inspired Sweet Romance.

This book was previously published under the title Merrily Ever After.