Author: Polly Babbington

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Welcome to Pretty Beach - a complete set of heartwarming feel-good, small town stories with romance, community and friendship set in a to-die for British seaside town perched just off the English south coast.?Come and make acquaintance with total bookworm Lotta Button and her fake dating escapades. You'll fall head over heels for her – she’s going to be the new best friend you didn’t know you needed.?Arriving at what she has calculated as more or less the middle of her life, things for bookworm Lotta Button, her nose always stuck in a book, are not going at all the way she planned. With that thing they call life throwing all the hurdles it can her way as a new year rolls around, she hits rock bottom and wonders how she’s ever going to crawl her way back up.When she finds herself at yet another family wedding in the lobby of a country house, she bumps into a man, and little does she know, he is going to become quite the feature in her world. He needs a partner for a business deal, and a few little white lies she’s told mean he could help her out too… With a book always as her companion, Lotta embarks on a fake relationship and the story unfolds before our eyes, what Lotta thought was going to happen in her year doesn’t quite pan out that way at all.Watch from the sidelines as Lotta not only embarks on a fake dating relationship but also finds herself in a house whereupon she gets to fulfil all her reading retreat dreams and set up her very own library. Reading goals right there before our eyes.?The new Polly book - not just a romance book, a Polly Babbington romance book.‘When you fall in love with the heroine by the end of chapter one you know you’re in a Polly book. A deliciously written fake dating trope romantic comedy which will keep you falling deeper in and turning the page late into the night. Loved it.’?romcom readers on contemporary romance author Polly Babbington:'If I could give 6 stars I would! I devoured this in a day. You won't be disappointed with this read, whether this is your 1st book of Polly's or you have eagerly been awaiting the next Pretty Beach instalment like me, just get plenty of supplies and a comfy place to settle down and read - bliss.' Jenny, Amazon Review ?????'I wish I could give more than 5 stars for this book and all the previous books written by this very talented author.' Liz K, Amazon Review ?????'I have to binge read them as once you start you cannot stop reading them as you get the feel good factor from each book. Polly you are an amazing author and I cannot wait for more books.' Lady M, Amazon Review ?????'Couldn’t put it down.' Liz, Amazon Review ?????'Polly is a great story teller, I feel like I actually know the characters and I find myself totally immersed in her books. I am working my way through the Darling Island series and thoroughly enjoying them.' Jackie B, Amazon Review ?????'This showed how you should follow your dreams.' Goodreads Review ?????'Once again Polly deserves more than 5 stars, I was totally hooked from page 1. I have read all Polly's books and love every one of them.' Sue H, Amazon Review ?????'I would like to give this book 10 stars if I could. I highly recommend.' Mrs S Hall, Amazon Review ?????'Love these stories! Polly Babbington is so skilled at creating a place and characters where you are drawn into their lives, challenges and triumphs. Looking forward to the next one in the series! Amazon Review, L Swain ?????