Author: Niki Jilvontae

Category: Popular Fiction

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There's power in the cookie. .. That's the motto many live by. That's the exact words that helped band together the pack of bad bitches in this urban series who call themselves The Cookies. Sunshine, Creme, and Honee are those chics and their only mission in life is to break men's banks. Each from different backgrounds with different personalities and problems, the girls will have to put the blueprint of using the power between their legs to the test while maintaining their health and sanity. In this book, you will meet Sunshine, the cocky, money hungry, pretty girl with a big mouth, insatiable appetite for attention, and total misconception of what love really is. After finally relinquishing the power of holding the cookie she's quickly hooked and goes on a downward spiral through lies, careless sex, betrayal, and murder. So consumed with making men wonder why they call her Sunshine she wagers it all, one decision at a time. Come on this turbulent ride through the streets of Memphis and Find Out why they call her Sunshine and maybe you'll see if there really is Power in the Cookie!