Author: Krista Sandor

Category: Contemporary Romance

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BREAKING NEWS: Pop Princess Goes Berserk Then Gets Kidnapped By A Hooded HottieWhen the paparazzi catch music sensation Aria Paige-Grant in an epic public meltdown, her only saving grace is her best friend, Oscar Elliott. With his identity obscured by his gray hoodie, the man swoops in out of nowhere, throws her over his shoulder, and the pair disappear into the night.Is she pleased? No way! But the gal is in over her head.Aria won’t admit it, but she needs a break from celebrity life. That’s when Oscar orchestrates a seaside escape. He’ll stop at nothing to give her what she needs—well, what he thinks she needs—even if it forces him to play fast and loose with the truth.And this is where the waters get choppy.When a lie takes on a life of its own, what started as a platonic getaway snowballs into a steamy friends with ALL the benefits fling. With the media closing in and their feelings for each other reaching a boiling point, they’ve entered uncharted territory. Will their love story be a chart-topping hit or a scandalous flop?Find out in this romantic comedy that will leave you cheering for an encore.?The Nanny Love Match SeriesThe Nanny and the NerdThe Nanny and the HotheadThe Nanny and the BeefcakeThe Nanny and the Heartthrob?Love Match Legacy (Nanny Love Match Spinoff Books)Mistletoe Love MatchThe Sebastian GuaranteeThe Oscar Escape