Author: Sarah A. Denzil

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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Laura thought she’d found the one nice guy in New York City.When Ethan saves her from a crushing crowd on Brooklyn Bridge, their connection is dazzling. Worthy of a heat-filled passionate night.Laura falls pregnant from their one-night stand—a miracle considering her past fertility issues. Ethan is attentive and wonderful at first. She hopes he will be the kind of father she’d always wanted for herself.Until his attentiveness turns to obsession. His questions become demands. Why didn’t she answer her phone or respond to his messages? Why won’t she move in with him and his rich mother?Soon Laura realises the father of her child is a controlling sociopath. And there’s no telling the lengths Ethan will go to in order to keep baby Christopher for himself.Laura will stop at nothing to save her baby boy.But is she too late?"OMG What a thrilling, gripping storyline. I LOVED everything about it!" -- NetGalley Reviewer ??????????"Like all Sarah Denzil books, I will be telling everyone to read this!" -- NetGalley Reviewer ??????????"Loved, loved, LOVED this book! This was one of those books that even part way through reading I already can’t wait to tell people all about it and how much I enjoyed it. It was the definition of a page-turner." -- Goodreads Reviewer ??????????"What a twisty page-turner! This book shows the desperate measures that a mother will go to in order to save her child! My heart was pounding. I was chewing my nails. I've never wanted a bad guy to die so badly. It was truly amazing!" -- NetGalley Reviewer ??????????"Wow, I just finished this book and it’s going to take a couple of minutes for my heart rate to return back to normal." -- Goodreads Reviewer ??????????