Author: Ronald Bassett

Category: Popular Fiction

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‘Tomorrow, Force J will rendezvous with other invasion components in mid-channel and proceed to the French coast. You all know what that means …’

Hell bent for the Normandy beaches a massive flotilla of naval vessels are involved in one of the most harrowing and dramatic episodes of World War II — Operation Neptune, code name for ‘D’ Day.The vital contribution by landing craft to the success of the operation is enormous — LCF49 is just one of these, a small vessel whose crew know only too well that death could be just round the corner …There’s SBA Peach, whose reaction to the demon drink has something to be desired — Lt. Turk, down-to-earth C.O. — Perkins and Walters, two hard-boiled sailors with a cynical eye — and Signalman ‘Lobby’ Ludd, whose main problem is his stormy relationship with a certain Freda Harris from Walham Green …Will they be able survive one of the most ambitious naval landings ever?Or will Operation Neptune be their last mission?

The Neptune Landing

detailing the tragedies and triumphs of ‘D’ Day is the dramatic sequel to

The Tinfish Run


The Pierhead Jump


Praise for Ronald Bassett

‘A taut tale with a good leavening of humour’ -

Birmingham Post

'Superb … this is the authentic Navy' -

Manchester Evening News

? ‘vividly described … the voyage as seen through the sleep-robbed eyes of matelots and officers alike’ -

Daily Telegraph

Ronald Bassett

joined the Navy as a boy. His first ship was the cruiser Norfolk in which he served as a Telegraphist in the Arctic during the Bismarck action, and the North African landings. He served in landing craft during the invasion of Normandy.