Author: Lady Lissa and Shelli Marie

Category: Popular Fiction

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Meet identical triplets Shaniqua, Sharika and Nisa, princesses raised by loving parents who wanted nothing but the best for them. They are beyond spoiled while priceless values are instilled in them. But no matter how they were raised, there’s a secret that surfaces and threatens to destroy their happy family. Sharika is the oldest and has the strongest personality. After hearing the shocking news about their father, she won’t stop until she gets to the truth. That means with or without the support of her sisters. Struggling to come to terms with the news, she tries to pry the whole truth out of their mother, who doesn’t want to reveal it for fear of losing her husband.Shaniqua is devastated behind the lies told by their mother and rather than accept the new reality, she prefers keeping herself busy with her male friend. Whoever it may be at the time. When she runs across an old beau, he turns out to be just what she needs. Nisa is the milder of the three and is stuck between finding out the truth and keeping things as they are. All she wants is peace within her family, but peace won’t be present for a long time. What happens when the whole truth is finally revealed? Will the family be ripped apart by the secrets or will they get pass the lies their mama told?