The Lewis Pass by Justin Warren

Author: Justin Warren

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Winner of the 2021 Page Turner Award, Book Award Prize. A dark, brooding thriller, following the treacherous journey of a fallen detective as he tries to piece his broken life back together.Dylan Harper steps out of the taxi and into the night, free again after three long years in prison. His home is as he left it, cold and dark and empty. That is until he opens the door to find someone waiting inside.His career in tatters, Harper must now operate as an unlicensed private investigator to uncover a clandestine drug kitchen operating somewhere within a rural community. A drug kitchen so well hidden that a multi-year police search has failed to find a single trace. All he has to go on is a torn beer bottle label and a shady informant who might be setting Harper up for his own demise.A fantastic international thriller, full of suspense, and set on the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand. A police procedural novel that explores not only the operation of the law but the inner workings of a troubled man's soul. A small-town police mystery and a great read in the time-honoured tradition of hard-boiled crime fiction that will transport you back to the glory days of when Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett were at their moody best. Read more