Author: Harvey Church

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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An Ambulance Took Her Away . . . And He Never Saw Her Again
Seven and a half years ago, Ethan's wife had a medical emergency in the middle of the night. An ambulance arrived and took her away. Except when Ethan showed up at the hospital, there was no record of his wife ever being admitted. In fact, Emergency Services reported that no ambulance was even dispatched to his address.
A Face He'll Never Forget
Now that the courts have declared his wife dead in absentia, Ethan feels he can finally move on with his life. Except a television news report about a fatal accident reveals that the victim was one of the "medics" that took his wife away.
The First Lead in Seven and a Half Years
With the first "lead" since his wife's disappearance, Ethan discovers tracks down the crime from that night and learns that it was more than a kidnapping, more than anything he could have ever imagined. As more "medics" show up dead, Ethan should walk away.
He Must Choose Between The Truth and Finding His Wife
When it comes to the only woman he has ever loved, it's not quite that simple.
What happens when Ethan risks everything, including his own life and freedom, to chase a woman who might be a ghost?
Find out in The Last Night by Harvey Church