Author: C. V. Frodsham

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Civilisation as we know it is dead. The overwhelming population and pollution levels have taken their toll on the world. Food shortages and significant employment losses means people are crammed into overcrowded cities. The future looks terrifying.

Seventeen-year-old Ora is forced to live a secret life, hidden from The Hunters, a treacherous group of men and woman, hired by the command. Hunters kill first and question second. Human life means nothing to them. They boast about the suffering they wreak on the city’s innocent inhabitants and spend their days in search of illegal children, dispensing with them over the city wall. Whilst their families are executed by the Hunters.

Ora’s parents are awaiting her eighteenth birthday, the day she can present herself to the command and become a legal citizen. But this will cost her parents their lives. Although her parents may be willing to accept this fate, Ora loves them too much and will never let that happen.

How will she leave the city and escape the Hunters? Will she carve out a new life in the wastelands beyond the city walls?Can anyone help her?

Join Ora on her heart-stopping journey as she endures love, betrayal and hatred, and transforms from a quiet, shy young woman into a killing machine who will stop at nothing to annihilate the evil that surrounds her.