The Heart of an Earl by K.J. Jackson

Author: K.J. Jackson

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A lady willing to do anything to escape death. A long-lost earl determined to stay adrift. Fates meet and a cursed journey to bring her home begins, sparking to life a surprising passion that will consume both of them.

All she wanted was to get home.
Ripped from her family years ago, all Lady Julianna lives for is to get home. Though at the moment, her life is hanging from a thin thread of lies. She needs to escape and just when her hope is nearly lost, she spies a way out. A way out in the form of one tall, fierce man that just may be her salvation—or her biggest mistake.

A long lost earl determined to stay adrift.
Desmond Phillips gave up any hope of living a normal life years ago when his wife and unborn baby died. Losing himself among the crew of a privateering ship, all in England gave him up for dead—just as he and his shattered heart preferred it.

Two lost souls meet.
Des saves Lady Julianna and inherits the duty to safely bring her home. As the journey to deliver her home unfolds, these two lost souls find unlikely kindred spirits in each other, and the cold, broken shards of Des’s heart begin to heal. But the curse of an ancient box haunts their every move—their very lives. If they manage to break the curse of the Box of Draupnir, they may just be rewarded with an undying love.

Join the adventure today! You’ll love The Heart of an Earl, the first in the Box of Draupnir series and a can’t-miss enthralling regency romance by USA Today bestselling author, K.J. Jackson.

Note: The novels in the Box of Draupnir series by K.J. Jackson are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order. These historical romances are set in the Regency and Victorian eras, and do not shy away from scenes with steamy heat, occasional naughty language, and moments that might possibly make you squirm.