Author: Madison Kent

Category: Mystery

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What will Madeline find on the mysterious third floor of the Harrison?Upon returning to America and her hometown city of Chicago, Madeline Donovan is anxious to establish a detective agency. While living in London for a brief period, she became immersed in the case of Jack the Ripper. Spending time in Whitechapel, she developed a keen interest in the solving of mysteries. She believes this occupation may give her the purpose and strength to live again. A case comes unexpectedly to her through the source of her physician father, who has just treated a patient for hysteria. The doctor discovers the cause for his patients sudden mental state is that her sister has gone missing.This begins her adventure back into the face of danger, and she finds that danger so close to home that she can walk to its door. It seems all the girls have a connection to the luxurious new Harrison Hotel that has just recently opened its doors.Hugh Scott and Jonathan Franks, friends she met while on her trip to London, will reenter her life. Their company and assistance to help find the young women is not only welcome, but also causes something else to occur. She may be developing feelings of a romantic nature, despite her best efforts not to.The Harrison will surprise them all with its mysterious owners, and haunting hideaways, as Madeline tries to discover the truth.All Madeline Donovan mysteries may be read in any sequence.