Author: Mickey Miller

Category: Romance

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Imagine this.You arrive to your dream job as the first female general manager in football.Turns out your first order of business is dinner with a new player who just signed with the team.But he’s not just any new player. He's Dallas Connelly, Super Bowl champion.Through a series of coincidences, he was also your steamy rebound a few months ago in Hawaii.You can look, but you can't touch.Because the consequences of hooking up with one of your players would be nothing short of national scandal and complete embarrassment.Is Dallas panty-meltingly handsome with a too-cocky attitude I'd like to smack off his pretty mug?Sure.Do I have one, fine, maybe two fantasies about him sneaking into my office for a late-night kiss?Sure, I admit it.None of that matters though. Because Dallas is off-limits.To say ours is smooth, easy romance would be a lie.I never thought I would fall in love with a man like Dallas and break all of my rules. I certainly never imagined Dallas would be the exception.… or that I would be his.The Exception is a standalone romance with a happy ending.