Author: Kathy L Wheeler

Category: Historical Romance

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The Earl's Error:He never expected to fall in love with his wife.Now, he cannot lose her.Lorelei Grey, the countess of Kimpton, can’t trust her husband. How can she when he not only exiled her beloved brother from England without a word to her but she’s since learned he’s fathered his ex-mistress’s unborn child! She’s devastated to learn her adoration and admiration were never reciprocated.After ten years of wedded bliss, Thorne Grey, the Earl of Kimpton’s, marriage—and his wife—are in danger. His ex-mistress’s blackmailing efforts forged with lies have landed him in a quagmire of quicksand. He's sinking, and fast. Before he sort out the situation, Lorelei cuts him off—and out.In his panic, he offers to pay her to stay.With him.Her desire for independence is not the issue. It’s the two weeks required to win back her trust. His greatest fear: that a fortnight is not enough time to find her missing brother and to prove to her he is not the scoundrel she believes him to be and thus losing her forever.His marriage is on the brink of disaster and it’s a race against time…Don’t read this book if you don’t care for:????A marriage in trouble????A secret baby????Engaging children????Blackmail????Murder????Fast paced steamy Regency romances????True love and Happily Ever AftersPraise for The Earl's Error"Sexy and exciting: Kathy L Wheeler tops smouldering romance with an intriguing mystery." ~Miranda Neville, Best Selling AuthorFor the first time, enjoy Enchanting the Earl which is now included with The Earl's Error.Enchanting the Earl:A devilishly handsome earl with a heart of gold.He has no interest in virginal debutantes, but what the devil is he supposed to do when one swoons at his feet? Catch her before she hits the floor, of course.An intriguing performance to be sure. But her scheming and powerful aunt, a renowned dowager duchess and mad to boot, threatens this lady's opportunity to enchant the man of her choosing in this short prequel to The Earl’s Error.A delightful regency prequel where a rebel lord is not ready to make the final step toward the advantageous nuptials he will someday require. This handsome rake is no fool when faced with the possibility of losing Lady Lorelei to a pompous dandy. He chooses to whisk her off the marriage mart only to find she has already taken matters into her own hands.Read the entire series:The Marquis's Misstep - Ginny and BrockThe 7th Son - Peyton and AlistarThe Viscount's Vendetta - Maeve and BrandonThe Duke's Detour - Rebecca and SebastianCaptivated By His Countess - Gabriella and JamesLady Felicity’s Feud with Christmas (Regency Christmas Kisses) – Felicity and Noah