Author: K.J. Jackson

Category: Romance

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His vengeance depends upon her seduction.

Rafe Somner, Lord Winfred, has been planning, meticulously, revenge for the day his father and most of his men were killed. Vengeance upon the four Englishmen that not only killed his father, but once ruined his life, driving his family out of England. Bloodlust demands the four men will be broken in the most brutal way—by taking their women.But when Rafe randomly meets Lady Victoria before knowing exactly who she is— the beloved daughter and niece of his enemies—his plans shift. Kidnapping, seducing, and ruining her is a much better plan. The best part? She won’t even realize she is his captive.It’s only primal lust that drives his decision. He’s not enchanted by her. Not enamored. And he’s definitely, absolutely, not falling in love.