Author: Bill Kitson

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GET THREE CAPTIVATING HISTORICAL YORKSHIRE FAMILY SAGAS IN ONE GREAT-VALUE BOX SET.From humble origins, the Cowgill family have bettered their lot. Through love and loss, hope and heartbreak, they work hard and face their troubles together, no matter what life throws at them.Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey, Sheila Riley, Pam Howes, Lizzie Lane, Tania Crosse and Dilly Court.READERS LOVE THE COWGILL FAMILY’S HEARTWARMING AND HEARTBREAKING TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS:????? ‘A very moving story of hardship, good times and tragedy in a very close-knit family.’ JanBee????? ‘A literary masterpiece . . . The author has an effective, subtle way in his style of writing.’ Mary Crocco????? ‘If you liked Downton Abbey, you should enjoy this series too.’ Aegeanjan????? ‘An excellent and interesting read. Looking forward to the next book. Highly Recommended!!’ G. Lee????? ‘Brilliant . . . Very intriguing and such a compelling story incorporating the First World War and its history.’ AnnIN THIS THREE-BOOK BOX SET:BOOK 1: BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF BYLAND CRESCENTYorkshire, 1878. Young, ambitious and in love, Albert Cowgill’s life is finally beginning in earnest. At just twenty-three, he has already been made partner at Haigh, Ackroyd & Cowgill — the best wool business in the city. He’s also just laid eyes on the prettiest girl he ever saw, Hannah Ackroyd. Romance soon blossoms for Albert and Hannah, and they marry and set up home in Scarborough. But before long, the clouds of war gather over Number 1, Byland Crescent . . .BOOK 2: STORM CLOUDS OVER BYLAND CRESCENTYorkshire, 1923. Sonny Cowgill is slowly regaining his memory. He was declared missing in action in the First World War, presumed dead. But Sonny’s beloved wife Rachel found him and brought him home to Byland Crescent. As he rebuilds his relationship with his wife and learns how to be a father to the son he never knew he had, memories begin to resurface. Sonny remembers something that the Cowgill family thought lost forever — the whereabouts of his eldest brother. Meanwhile, peace in England looks shaky again . . .BOOK 3: STORM CLOUDS OVER BYLAND CRESCENTYorkshire, 1946. World War Two is finally over. But for the Cowgill family there are fresh challenges to face and new battles to be fought. At last, Sonny and Rachel Cowgill hear the news they’ve been so desperate for. Their son Mark, who was injured in the very last days of the fighting, will make it home in time for Christmas. But their youngest son Billy has not been so lucky. He was declared missing in action in Crete and is presumed dead. Sonny and Rachel are learning to give up hope of seeing him again. Meanwhile, for the Australian branch of the Cowgill family, troubles are looming once more . . .Don’t miss out on this collection of spellbinding historical fiction novels! YOU GET ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE BOOKS IN THIS EDITION.