Author: Anna Elliott and Charles Veley

Category: Mystery

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A secret message thrusts Lucy, Sherlock, and Zoe into a high-stakes symphony of danger. Will they decode the mystery or face the music of their most cunning adversary yet?1899, Milan: The stage is set for a melodious mystery as Zoe Rosario, Lucy's mother and the epitome of elegance, becomes the unlikely messenger in a deadly game played by the Black Hand gang. The blue envelope she carries will send a new challenge to Lucy James and Sherlock Holmes, with a coded message that sings of secrets and danger.Lucy and Sherlock learn they must outwit a ghost from the past, conducting a vendetta that threatens to crescendo into catastrophe. The plot thickens as Zoe goes undercover in the grandeur of the London Orchestra.With each deciphered note, they inch closer to a foe bent on turning Holmes's legacy into his downfall. Against a ticking metronome of malice, can our trio orchestrate a finale that saves their lives?READERS ACCLAIM: "A crescendo of suspense and elegance—a mystery that dances as deftly as it intrigues." "Lucy and Sherlock's latest is a symphony of twists and exhilaration!" For devotees of Conan Doyle's masterful storytelling, Agatha Christie’s ingenious puzzles, and Lee Child's heart-stopping action, "The Coded Blue Envelope" is your front-row ticket. It's a whirlwind of intrigue set to the rhythm of danger and disguise.Open up "The Coded Blue Envelope" and enter a world where every melody hides a message. To decode the mystery before the curtain falls, Scroll up and One-click now!

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