Author: Dan Klasing

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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With the frightening power of the world’s only anti-gravity aircraft in the hands of a ruthless secret society determined to rip four states out of the union, the FBI calls on Special Agent Frank Deal and his expert team of WMD hunters to recover the crucial technology before The Cause can implement its final masterstroke.Deep inside the underground laboratories of Area 51, Dr. Rick Donnelly has just uncovered the secret that will allow the country’s new gravity wave-powered aircraft to become fully operational. But Donnelly has no intention of giving his discovery to the United States government.Instead, he will present the cutting-edge technology to his real employers – The Cause. Donnelly’s theft sets in motion a devastating plan that will plunge the entire country into chaos or, worse, a second civil war. The unimaginable power of gravity wave propulsion, unleashed in the form of an invulnerable aircraft, gives The Cause everything it needs to trigger its shocking gambit for ultimate power.Led by the world’s foremost WMD hunter, Frank Deal, the FBI launches a nationwide manhunt for Donnelly and the crucial technology. Scrambling for leads, Deal finds himself in the small university town of Banebridge, Alabama, where he meets student Michael King. Michael and three friends have unearthed evidence that a shadowy student organization on campus –The Tyros – is much more than it appears. The amateur sleuths’ information provides Deal with his only clue to locating Donnelly and the gravity wave plane.The startling connections between The Cause, The Tyros, and Donnelly pull Deal and the four university students squarely into the center of a conflict that could destroy the United States of America and change the balance of power in the world forever.If you enjoyed the thrilling chase for justice in books like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, you’ll love the nonstop suspense of The Cause. Buy now before the price changes!