Author: Danielle Stewart

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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Charlize has been called home as her mother begins to succumb to a long illness. Reluctantly taking a step back from her role in private security with the Kinross organization, Charlize resumes her role as a detective, armed with a badge and a determination to still make a difference in this world.Amidst the challenges of settling into a small-town police precinct, she stumbles upon a mysterious case. A baffling disappearance that local authorities dismiss as attention-seeking antics. Charlize's instincts, however, tell her there's more to the story. Especially when digging she discovers multiple cases in the state with the same haunting details."The Boyfriend Loophole" is a gripping tale where chasing down evil might lead Charlize to her own reflection in the mirror. Every code she's lived by becomes irrelevant and she crosses a line she knows she won't be able to come back from."