Author: Alix Vaughn

Category: Contemporary Romance

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A 2-week luxury Mediterranean cruise.With filthy rich glamorous “friends” I truly detest.And me, in a fake relationship with my brother’s best friend.All kinds of AWKWARD.When Flynn asks if I will be his fake girlfriend at his ex’s engagement cruise, my jaw drops. Flynn and I fight like cats and dogs. So, why me?He makes me an offer that is too tempting to refuse. Saying no would be a monumental mistake.Catching feelings was not part of the deal. We are beyond off-limits to each other. But all that time spent together brings our unexpected lust to an explosive level that we have no control over.The idea of an actual relationship in the real world sounds disastrous. But I’m afraid of losing him. Even though he’s not even mine yet.Just as our bond deepens, Flynn's vengeful ex devises a wicked plan to tear us apart. I’m out — too much drama for me…My brain says enough is enough. But my body says more, please.Just when I’ve made up my mind, I discover the unthinkable has happened. Double pink lines. How can I walk away from him now? Read more