Author: April Murdock

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Friendship turns into young love, a nasty breakup, and maybe a second chance. Can this billionaire make his great life perfect?Blake Murphy wants redemption. More than that, he wants a second chance.He'd been avoiding his home town since the day he left for college. Trista Kennedy was still there and he had no idea how he'd face her after the way he'd treated her. But now he'd find out. His high school reunion was coming up.Trista had moved on from Blake. Until she saw him at their high school reunion.He was handsome, rich, and easy going. He'd only been boyishly good looking in high school. So much had happened in a decade.Getting to know him as an adult is easier than she expected. But she's not sure she can trust him.But she felt something. Yearning. What might have been. Regret. She thought he felt it, too.Is there a chance to mend broken relationships in the heat of a small Arizona town after a decade apart?