Author: Serenity Woods

Category: Romance

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Book 1: The Irresistible BillionaireWhen you’re broken, abandoned, and lonely, the isolated mansion of a gorgeous billionaire is the perfect escape…When I interview for the position of nanny for a billionaire’s three-month-old daughter, I’m looking for an escape. From my past, from my memories, and from those both alive and dead who refuse to give me peace.Kingfisher House is exactly what I need—a huge, quiet retreat high atop the cliffs overlooking New Zealand’s rugged coastline, straight out of a Gothic novel. It even has its own brooding hero.Ben Prince is gorgeous, stern, and withdrawn, and he’s forbidden everyone to discuss what happened to baby Estella’s mother. It’s only as I delve deeper into his life that I discover although his heart has been broken, it’s not for the reasons I first thought.We’re both determined not to get involved. But as we reveal each other’s secrets, heat rises between us until it’s too strong to fight. All we can do is hope it doesn’t consume us completely…Book 2: The Castaway BillionaireOnly I could get marooned on a desert island with the man who broke my heart…The last thing I want is to be forced to live with the guy I broke up with seven years ago. Okay, the desert island is paradise—if you ignore the spiders the size of my hand. And it’s true that Theo Prince is still the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen. But I’m determined he won’t break my heart again.Then the tropical storm hits. It’s sooooo hot. The cave we’re sheltering in is really small. Theo’s loin cloth isn’t leaving much to the imagination. And then he tells me a secret that changes everything…The whole world knows we escaped in a life raft together, and everyone’s rooting for us to have our second chance. But will I come out of this disaster with my life—and my heart—intact?Book 3: The English BillionaireImagine meeting the richest, most gorgeous guy in London… And he’s obsessed with YOU…On my thirtieth birthday, I decide it’s time to make some changes. Okay, it’s really only one change. No more men.Gone is the boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friend. And gone are all the disastrous relationships that have left me dispirited and jaded. I’m tired of giving my fragile heart to a man, only to have him trample all over it. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on my career, which I love.As a valuer of art, antiques, and jewelry, I’m passionate about people’s prized possessions. My family owns a chain of toy stores that originated from one toy shop in London’s Regent Street, and I decide it’s time I saw where it all began. It’s the trip of a lifetime, one a man can’t spoil, because there’s no way I’d get involved with a guy who lives on the other side of the world. And then Callum walks into the store.Twelve years ago, we spent one sensational night together at a New Year’s Eve beach party in New Zealand. I thought I’d never see him again. But here he is. In the very muscular, very hot, and very British flesh. He’s changed a lot since that night. He’s more serious, more ambitious, and a whole lot richer. And he wants one more night with me.I can give him that without falling for him. Without my life collapsing again around my ears. Can’t I?