Author: Lilith Stone

Category: Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

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What’s a girl to do when she’s stranded in paradise with a handsome, filthy rich orc?That’s the dilemma realtor Shona Dove faces when a big green billionaire stomps into her life and demands she help him buy an island off the coast of Motham City. He’s buffed, he’s arrogant, and sexy as hell. And while Shona has never been attracted to orcs before, there’s a first time for everything…The last thing Tor Arquin wants is to return to the city that treated him like dirt. Except now his dad’s had an accident and his sister is demanding Tor comes home to help out. And despite his huge success, Tor still cares deeply for his orc kinship.When Tor engages Shona to help him buy a home suited to a billionaire, he soon realises there’s another reason to want to return to Motham City. Her.But will this beautiful, sophisticated human ever consider a hulking green orc as a mate? Particularly when her sleaze-bag vampire ex boyfriend still lurks in the shadows.Will Tor win Shona’s heart? Find out in book 3 of Motham City Monsters, a sweet and steamy monster romance with a touch of dark intrigue.