Author: J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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Deputy Marshal Zeb Clemens can't die.

After the Civil War came to a close, Zeb decided to head west to raise cattle and a family if he could manage it.

No sooner did he step off the train in Texas, a stray bullet knocked him senseless. Believing he'd somehow cheated death, he gave up on his peaceful plans and became a lawman.

A lawman with a secret. And an edge.

After migrating farther west into the New Mexico Territory, he expected to find the usual run-of-the-mill outlaws?not a strange woman watching him from the edge of his dreams.

Meanwhile, stories of an inhuman monster attacking people in the nearby town of Devil's Creek begin making their rounds.

Even crazier, Zeb feels compelled to hunt it?all while dealing with a murderous gang of outlaws and the missing boy of a waitress Zeb has taken a shine to.

It’s a good thing Zeb Clemens can’t die—because this job would definitely kill him.What Readers are saying:

????? “A western novel with more than a novel twist: Zeb Clemens is a deputy US marshal. His life’s goal of being a farmer was hijacked by a stray bullet to the head, a mystical lady’s intervention, and a new driving purpose to keep the innocent safe from bandits, legendary creatures and injustice. A thrilling read for sure.” —Amazon review

????? “Best western ever! The book leaves you hoping there’s another book after this one. It’s captivating, entertaining and everything a syfy should be but with a western spin. Love it. Hope there’s a second book.” —Amazon review

????? “Totally not my style, or so I thought! I happen to like the author so I thought I’d give it a shot. I literally haven’t been able to tear myself away from this. It’s an everyday tale with an otherworldly twist. I loved it.” —Amazon review

????? “What a great ride. Loved the characters. Can’t wait for more adventures. Love y’all’s stories—way better entertainment than TV.” —Amazon review

????? “This was a rollicking, fun read! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys both the old West and the paranormal.” —Amazon review

????? “Great story right from the first page. How interesting to get shot and not die, time after time, and not know why; yet continue to protect people and do crazy things to do so. I loved this story and waiting for book two.” —Amazon review

????? “This book is set in the American West post-Civil War, with characters who shoot guns, ride horses, and populate some local watering holes. There are prostitutes, a vicious gang, sorry sheriffs, ‘good’ prostitutes, stagecoaches, miners, railroads, deserts, a doctor, an undertaker, and an immortal deputy U.S. Marshal. What? Yep. There is also a nearly indestructible monster that shreds and eats people as well as a mysterious female entity called The Lady. If you want a fun book as described herein, I do recommend The Beast of Devil’s Creek. I started out doubting it would be interesting, but I ended up staying up till 2:00 a.m. to read the last few chapters. There is room for at least a few sequels since the milieu is so well done.” —Amazon review

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