Sweet Beginnings by Alexa Verde

Author: Alexa Verde

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Five clean, heartwarming romances - each a series starter with a happily-ever after! Love blossoms between unlikely couples in this heartfelt collection of small-town sweet romances. Stories with real emotion, faith, humor, and a dash of danger!
Opposites attract, an unlikely modern marriage of convenience leads to more, the broken-hearted get new chances, and single-dad cowboys fall in love with strong-willed women in these five sweet, heartwarming, complete romances to give you hours of reading joy!
A woman in jeopardy and with too many secrets meets a cowboy turned cop from a nearby family ranch; a heartbroken nurse finds a new chance at love with a professional football player who might leave the small town soon; a rebellious restaurant owner reluctantly accepts help to stay alive from a charming doctor who might have his own agenda, and much more.
Book 1: No Fake Dating for a Cowboy from Escape to Cowboy Crossing
A woman in jeopardy, a cowboy turned small-town cop grieving his fiancée, and a relationship too real to be fake…
fake relationship
woman in peril
Book 2: Show Me a Marriage of Convenience from Cowboy Crossing Romances
An ex-player cowboy with a little son, the boy's shy plus-size aunt, and a reluctant modern marriage of convenience only the boy is excited about…
marriage of convenience
plus-sized heroine
single-dad cowboy hero
Book 3: Season of Miracles from Rios Azules Christmas
When a nurse starting over in a new town after escaping a painful relationship meets the footballer grandson of her patient, is it a new beginning or a new heartache?
celebrity sportsman hero
woman with secrets
second chance at love
Book 4: Season of Romance from Rios Azules Romances: The Macalisters
When an affluent businessman becomes a single father to a sick nephew, he needs help from a shy small-town paramedic next door. But the beautiful neighbor harbors a painful secret.
single father
Book 5: Color of Danger from Secrets of Rios Azules
When a small-town business owner becomes a target again, she encounters an unusual ally who has his own secret agenda. Will they find love amid danger?
woman in jeopardy
fast paced suspense
redemption and second chances
Discover five wonderful small-town romance series though the pages of these heartwarming stand-alone stories!
????? "A great collection of heartwarming stories by one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed each of the books, the characters and their stories." MJ.
????? "This is an amazing series which I recommend to everyone who loves good, clean romances." Carol Witzenburger
????? "I have read and own each of these books and now to have them all together is total bliss." judi duncan.
????? "Each book has characters who will steal into your heart, storylines that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat, and will have leave you in anticipation for the next book in the series. Don’t ask me for a favorite, because it’s always the last book that I read - they are ALL fabulous." Sarah Sarber.