Author: Strider Klusman

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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You know you’re lonely when your best friend is a rock.

When you’re bored, friendless and stuck in the middle of now where, what you need is a little excitement in your life. Like a really unique friend you’re not sure you want anyone to know about, because they wouldn’t believe you anyway.

But when The Commissioner gets his nose into things, and sends his men to find, buy or steal what he considers is an ancient artifact, it’s time to run. Maybe choosing somewhere that wasn’t called ‘the badlands’ would have been a good idea, but running into the commissioner's men wasn't so good either.

Now with Stone gone and himself left for dead, Rhone wanders the badlands, lost and dying of thirst, then drowning, which is bad enough, but how can he rescue his friend, if he can find him?

YA, action adventure, sci/fi western the way you never heard. An unforgettable story of unique friends, trust and learning, in an old west setting.

If you like Temeraire, or The Live Ship Traders, you'll love Rhone & Stone.From award winning author Strider S.R. Klusman