Spirit of Love by Rachel Wilson

Author: Rachel Wilson

Category: Romance Books

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Ghost Finally Finds Courage to Declare His Love in Spirit of Love, a Humorous Historical Romance from Rachel Wilson

Picacho Wells, New Mexico Terrirory, June, 1896

Prim and proper, Georgina Witherspoon travels to the Wild West to care for her crazy grandmother. But when she arrives, she discovers Grandma isn’t mad—she’s being haunted by the ghost of her true love, Devlin, who never bothered to declare his feelings while he was alive.

Now Georgina is playing referee between a ghost and her angry grandmother, while trying to manage the handsome, rugged sheriff Ash Barrett, who constantly teases her for her stuck-up Easternly ways. Problem is, no matter how desirable Ash finds Georgina, he’s dead set against marriage. But with Devlin's haunting help, Ash Barrett just might see the error of his ways, before he loses life's most precious gift...

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