Author: Jim Davidson

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Chris Hamilton's life was perfect...for a while. He has a magnificent home in the country, his own business, a wonderful daughter and a beautiful girlfriend, Sophia. His recent trip to Texas resulted in the deaths of three men, and the discovery of a long ago hidden treasure, along with its attached bad karma. He had returned to Virginia unscathed before realizing the hardest part of the game was still being played out, now he had to find a why to keep what he had found!He soon discovers his past is not only close behind him, but has been watching him the entire time. Things he thought no one knew...someone did.Millions of dollars were now at stake and when mysterious letters start to appear he finds out, vindictive lovers, unscrupulous landowners, family members, employees and even his girlfriend know far too much.When two nefarious visitors from Texas appear, all his that happened in Texas take things from bad to worse.A storm has been brewing for a while, and when it hits, it hits hard!Everything from his past explodes and comes to a convoluted climax al at once, and he soon finds out that...Mysterious things happen when there is "Snowfall in Virginia."

Review Litereary Titan says - "Snowfall in Virginia remains a shining star within the genre. A must-read for aficionados of crime and mystery fiction, Davidson's novel is not merely a story but an exquisite, suspenseful journey deserving of a spot on every discerning reader's list." Publishers weekly says - "Davidson is a master of the slow burn...he toys with readers' expectations, leading us to believe that a seemingly inexplicable death is a tightly held secret, but then jolting us with the truth."Independent Book Review says - "Jim Davidson has crafted a mystery that combines the allure of an Agatha Christie classic with a modern psychological thriller. It's a tale of love, betrayal, and the human capacity for deception."Readers Favorites says - "Lovers of mystery novels with a touch of drama will find Jim Davidson's Snowfall in Virginia an enthralling read."Pacific Book Review says - "In a world where it seems like every story has been told, Snowfall in Virginia seems to thread the needle to tell a familiar story that you've never read before... Even if you aren't a traditional mystery fan, give this book a chance because it is much more than a mystery story or a romance, and its genre-bending makes for a complete story that almost everyone will love."Indie Reader says - "Jim Davidson's stylish prose carries his dependable hero through another adventure. SNOWFALL IN VIRGINIA is a solid modern mystery."